Solution for Tent-House on Tally.ERP9 Platform

Solution for Tent-House on Tally.ERP9 Platform
  • For Tent, Event & Catering Business, We introduce a Solutions for Better arrangement & Exception handling for Tent House & Catering Business
  • Party Details - Contact Person, Contact Number & Party All Details Site Name - Manage Owned & Third party
  • Site Address & Contact Detail Contact & Supervisor Person Name Site MAP / Site Image, Notes for Site
  • Purpose & Booking for - Select Purpose for Booking like Birthday, Marriage, Kitty Party etc.
    Booking for Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, Full Day
  • Function & Dates & Time - At Site Booking Mention Date (from & to) & time for function
  • Availability & Clearance Date & Time - It Require that when the proposed Venue has to be occupied for Arrangement Clearance Date & time to vacant site from the party. (If site is not owned by user)
  • Item Issue - Stock item issue Individual like Table, Kannat, Plates, Floor etc. In Package form like Stage 12X15, DJ Set, Serving Plate Set Etc Stock Item with Description, Component in package form, Images too
  • Party Selection - Select Party to whom stock item to be send Then it ask for Order Booking No. against which challan should be made
  • Dispatched Details - Additionally ask for Transporter Name, Destination details, Staff Name (Who are responsible for Counting & Dispatch) User Able to select multiple Staff Names (who are responsible for the particular Work)
  • Site & Stock Item Details - Select Site Name & Auto lift of Function date & Time, Expected date from Order & Order By Name Stock Details Auto Lift from Order booking & Able to append package as item
  • Source Godown - You have multiple godown where we store material, on Challan Creation it ask for Godown from where material should be Dispatched
  • Party & Site Selection - Select party Name On Party Selection it auto show site where stock is given through Challan (May be owned & third party site)
  • Stock Item - All the dispatch stock item get auto list for the selected site with Pending Quantity
  • Stock Receiving - On Every Stock Item it ask for Quantity received (Some time it may be over received from client – Tally will Accept it)
  • Godown - Tally Auto pick Destination Godown from where stock was delivered or user able to Alter destination Godown as per his requirement