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36+ Powerful Features

Signature Image

Signature Logo will print both in Simple Format and Regular Format and same thing can be exported to PDF format. User can select the signature Logo .

Party Reconciliation

By Using this feature now users reconcile the party ledger. Now a day, there are many transactions with one party & at the end of week, month, Year we want to confirm our accounts. User can reconcile each transaction with a party , similar to how you do Bank Reconciliation.

Smart DashBoard

This feature displays the complete business reports on one screen for a business owner. This report shows financial & inventory information with the ability to drill down to various reports directly. This report covers Cash & Bank, Outstanding, Cash Flow, Sales & Purchase, Stock, Profit & Loss, Income/Expenses , Assets & Liabilities , Top Receivables , Payables , Buyer , Suppliers, Top Products Sold & Purchased , Non & Slow Moving Products , Cost Centre are also supported.

Smart Invoice

With this feature you can raise your invoice with necessary details . You can print your invoice with Two Logo : 1. One from Press F9 -> Enable feature Location of Logo . 2. Second from Press Alt + P -> F12 -> Print Company Logo Yes : Location of Logo

Detailed Balance Sheet and P & L

The Balance Sheet and Profit & Loss feature helps to see the detailed list of groups/ ledgers within default report, A Balance Sheet and Profit & Loss statements with complete details that can be required at the time of submission of accounts. With this you can see the difference between normal detailed Balance-Sheet and P & L Account and Modified ones.

Voucher Lock

On the basis of this feature facilitates administrator to lock the voucher in transactions once it will not be allowed for the users to access that vouchers .

Terms & Condition in Invoice

With this feature you can define the terms and condition as per your requirement and these will be printed on the invoice.

Message Board in Invoice

With this feature you can set a predefined message for a invoice . You can print extra information in your invoice. This feature will give the message to your customer.

Description Filteration

The business trading in a stock item (Mobile, Laptop, other) which have a unique number (IMEI, Sr. No. other) by which user identify the item sale by him & have a obligation to give services & warranty. Under this feature user can filter IMEI, Other unique code.

All Features

Smart Tally Pro

A bunch of powerful tools to add more power to your TallyPrime

Smart Tally DustBin
Smart Tally Dustbin is a tool that resolves the problem regarding un-authorized deletion or deletion by mistake. This feature enables two step deletions of vouchers. Admin of the company can also create security control on smart Tally Dustbin by which only authorized user can delete entries from Smart Tally Dustbin.
Multi Line Ledger Description
This feature provides you the facility to enter the multiline description for ledger masters. At the time of invoicing use them.
Voucher Ref. No.
Voucher ref. no. is displayed in all reports so in some cases it is needed to track additional cross-reference numbers in these documents as well.
Day Book And Journal Total
This feature will help you to view the day book and journal voucher amount total in their respective reports.
Standard Narration
Standard Narration define a list of Narrations. It was predefine by user. It acts as a template , which can be used in any transaction.
Font Selection in Invoice for Company Name
This feature helps to highlight your company name in your invoices. Just specify the font name and change of font will take effect This setting is changed according to your need.
Optional Voucher in Ledger
The feature will help you to show optional vouchers along with the regular vouchers in ledger report.
Balance in Invoice
This feature helps you to inform your customers for their current balances . It is difficult task to reminding of your customers again & again about balance . Printing net balance provides more clarity about the amount of credit they avail from you. It helps you to keep your outstanding on track.
Stock Group Wise Stock Item in Invoice
This feature allows you to take a print of the all Stock Items are grouped by their Stock Group Name when the invoice print is taken.
Last Party Sale/Purchase Price Auto Pick
By this feature user able to find out the previous rate of specific customer/supplier.
Multi Line Item Description
This feature provides you the facility to enter multi line description for item masters and use them at the time of invoicing.
Item Discount in Rupees
TallyPrime allows you to give discount at item level only on percentage basis; with this feature you can choose to give a discount on rupees basis in the invoice.
More Columns in Columnar Report
In this feature get Discount Rupees , Discount % , Free Quantity , Item Description in Sales Register Columnar Report. The objective of this report to generate all these four features in columnar report on one click.
Stock Group Wise Party Discount (%)
In this feature, User may define different discount Rate for different Stock Group on Ledger and also User may opt to pick the discount rate from Primary Stock Group or Sub Stock Group. If User don't opt for discount rate on Ledger, user may pick it from Stock Group directly. In this way, user may opt for different discount rate for different items for a single ledger in single invoice.
GST Paid Billing
In trading business most of the items have their cost including GST amount, but as per government norms Invoice has to reflect the GST amount separately for this users have to calculate item price before the GST. By using this feature, one has to enter only the GST paid amount & GST rate in front of stock items and Smart Tally will calculate the GST excluding the rate automatically.
Stock Item Free Quantity
With this feature you can view sales bill wise free quantity, billed quantity, and total quantity of stock item.
Auto Emailing
With this feature you can automatically Email vouchers and invoices immediately after saving these transactions. User can reconcile all the voucher entries on the basis of Email Status .
Documents Attachment
With this feature user can manually attached any document format like Word , Excel , Text , PDF , URL of Web pages and Images File to transactions. User can Browse or View the attached file.
Period Wise GST Report
This feature generates a Period wise GST Report . It would be useful for the users to track details of GST reports with Day-wise, Month-wise, Quarter-wise and Year-wise.
System Date Wise Day Book
This feature helps you to view Day Book Report as on Computer/System date . It is machine date based voucher entry log .
Voucher Deletion Control
By using this feature user can provide a facility which will control Voucher Deletions. Every business owner wants the process of billing to be as fast as possible and in a controlled manner. Unauthorized deletion of voucher can disturb the automatic voucher numbering and loss of vital data. There is a need to prevent such activities.
Hot Key Recorder
This feature will help user to predefine and configure the reports in a common menu which are viewed / used on a daily biases. For example user can predefine reports like Display -> Account Books -> Ledger (D,A,L) , Display -> Inventory Books -> Group Summary (D, I, G ), Display -> Inventory Books -> Movement Analysis -> Stock Group Analysis ( D, I , M , S ) , at any given time the user can access this report at click of a single key.
Credit Control on Days
Credit control based on the Credit Limit is the default feature of Tally.ERP 9. This feature does not allow the user to enter another sales entry for the same customer, if the credit days are due. It works on security control basis .
Auto Backup
This feature gives you the facility of automatically take care of your data backup. This utility takes data backup in given specified location. User can also define backup scheduler and time.
Cancel Voucher Control
By using this feature user can provide a facility which will control Voucher cancellation . Every business owner wants the process of billing to be as fast as possible and in a controlled manner. Unauthorized cancellation of voucher can disturb the automatic voucher numbering and loss of vital data. There is a need to prevent such activities.
Auto Receipt
This feature will auto generate a receipt for Cash Sales or Bank Sales that is when a sales invoice is generated , Receipt is also automatically created .
Instant Data Sheet
Contact dash board is a complete contact book where user can access detail of Sundry Debtors , Sundry Creditors , Bankers, Unsecured loan etc. in tabular form with its Debit, credit, current balance of each ledger. This feature enables you to generate reports which can be filtered on location , balance , category and so on.
Negative Cash/Stock Control
On the basis of Security Control this feature gives you the facility on transaction that can cause cash to go negative are stopped for specific users. Once if you are with negative cash, you can’t make more transactions. This feature also stopped user to consume stock when there is no sufficient stock .

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