Features of SMART TALLY18.Lite

Smart Dustbin

This unique feature gives you complete freedom to retrieve accidental voucher deletion in Tally with instant recover your voucher entries.

GST Paid Billing

Instant reverse calculator - A boom feature for all traders/retailers-helps to calculate reverse calculations of an item/GST rate wise while making invoices instantly.

Instant Data Sheet

View all the details of a party (customer or supplier) at a glance. The most important aspect of this feature is the possibility to filter the master records.

Standard Narration

Create unlimited numbers of narration templates. Help to make quick voucher and can select different narration at voucher entry time. Save time in typing repetitive narration. Reduce language and spelling errors.

Document Attachment

With this feature you can attach multi format documents (PDF,DOC,PPT,Text,Image & More) with ledger,stock item and vouchers.You can attach multiple document with single ledger, stock item & voucher and you can view all the attachments on a single click.

Hot Key Recorder

User define short cut keys for various reports to access frequently.

Auto Backup

Auto Backup is a unique and strong capability tool that automatically takes data backup on multi stage scheduled time as per your choice.

Negative Cash/Stock Control

Now no more Negative Stock entries ! No more negative cash transactions! Stop user as per your instructions/as per your wish!

Voucher Delete Control

Administrator may disable voucher deletion option at user level rather than to control alteration & creation of voucher (as given in default Tally).

Licence Activation Walk Through