iON Education Solution has a wide range of cloud based solutions with foot prints that cover the entire value chain of education eco system encompassing K-12 schools, Affiliated Colleges, Vocation Institutes, Boards and Universities. iON Education Solution includes the following:

  • Campus Management & Administration Solutions to enable end to end administration and management at institute or campus level. This covers Student Life Cycle management; Attendance Management, Fees Management and Academic Operations Management. The solutions include Campus Management and Communicator.
  • Learning Management Solutions encompasses the Collaborative Learning Environment tools with Course Content for Teachers and Students, Course Creation and Management Tools with Intelligent Assessment Tools powered with Strong Analytical engine to track and improve the Learning Outcomes of the Students. Solutions include Learning Exchange, In-Course Assessment and Prep Tests.
  • Platform based Solutions for Education Management encompasses technology enabled platforms to automate various education, assessment and recruitment management functions of Central, State Governments, Boards, and Institutes of Excellence effectively and efficiently. These solutions include Exam Management, Assessment Management, Digital Evaluation, Demat Services and Data Management.

The educational sector in India is undergoing a massive transformation driven by the changing needs and necessities of the stakeholders. Growing number of campuses and student enrolments, increasing adoption to automation and digital learning platforms are some of the visible changes seen today. Technology is a key contributor to this transformation enabling better connectivity (increasing broadband penetration and near universal mobile phone access), and growing affordability (cost effective products packaged in multiple innovative ways for schools, coupled with increasing spends on education by parents). Major initiatives by the government to modernize the education ecosystem will only catalyse and expedite this rapid transformation, similar to what happened with the corporate sectors just before the turn of the century.

Universities, Schools Boards and Academic Institutes need variety of software and solutions to manage this transformation. While their needs are extremely different, there are many areas where they need to integrate and transact, in order to enable a seamless experience to users.

To help leaders drive this change and make institutes a future ready, digital campus, TCS iON, a strategic business unit of Tata Consultancy Services (TCS), provides a comprehensive set of offerings, catering to the needs of Universities, Schools Boards, Institutes administrators , faculty, parents and students.

Uniqueness of iON Solutions - Why iON:

iON covers all educational processes corresponding to the entire student & faculty lifecycle, academic, financial and administrative functions of the institute. iON also has deep focus to improve the learning and teaching methods. As a business model, iON has the following distinct aspects which make it unique in its own way:

Minimal setup time

Go live in a week and build step-by-step

Compliance to Educational Excellence Practices

Get access to Education industry best practices out of the box

Highly Affordable

Reduce your cost of technology by 35% to 40%

Perpetually Beta

Gain from constant feature upgrades without incremental cost and be at the cutting edge

Constantly Configurable

Get your technology flexible to the changing institutional processes and approaches

Tightly Secured

Live without fear with a promise from the leading technology powerhouse - TCS and most trusted brand Tata

Stretch and Scale at will

Link your technology costs to the growth of your institution

Assured Availability

Get a promise of constantly available solution, anytime anywhere